Kaplná Gardens Slovakia

Residential houses

Watch the video of the realization of residential houses in the village Kaplná in Slovakia. The construction started in March 2014. We built a total of 60 apartments on 4 floors and 4 buildings. First upper floor is constructed with a standard method ( reinforced concrete retaining wall, other vertical structures are walled and insulated, ceiling panels are conducted by Spyro panels ), 2.3 and 4. Floors are implemented with a patented building ATA BAUSYSTEM®.

The total useable area in one structure ATABAUSYSTEM is 681,75m2.
There are 12 apartments in the one ATABAUSYSTEM building.
An average useable area of 1 apartment is 56,81m2.
Heating energy efficiency class is A: 26kWh/m2rok.
The average heating cost is 7€/month, 84EUR/ annum.


Our team of architects is engaged in preparing the architecture and layout of the smaller family houses to larger buildings. In addition to catalogue houses that will save you your money and time , we also offer individual projects according to clients´ requirements.

ATA Bau Ltd. is a construction company that was founded in 2008 in Slovakia. Based on the clients requirements we have started using its own patented construction technologies ATABAUSYSTEM®, through which we build buildings with exceptionally low energy consumption while using renewable technologies.

ATABAUSYSTEM® construction with insulation STYRCON® 200 has a small accumulative capability, so there is no need of effort for “charging” a heat into the walls. Even a small change in the regulatory system has immediate response and reaches the amazing thermal comfort and significant energy savings.