IMPLEMENTATION – ATABAU Bau Ltd. is a construction company founded in 2008. Based on the clients requirements we have started using its own patented construction technologies ATABAUSYSTEM®, through which we build buildings with exceptionally low energy consumption while using renewable technologies.

ATABAUSYSTEM® PERMITTED condition of the building, based on your requirements and the design of architect with the preservation parameters for low energy and passive houses.

PROPERTY of technology


STYRCON® is a mixture of granulated polystyrene and cement, which is pressed into the mixing plates of constant dimensions 0,9 x 0,45 m and variable thickness of 30-120 mm. This creates a thermal insulation material with a low volume weight, where the surface of the polystyrene granules is covered by a cement shell, which has a capability to balance the load pressure.  This structure ensures that STYRCON has an excellent water vapor permeability, incombustibility and dimensional stability.

Coating the steel profiles with polystyrene-cement boards STYRCON®200 and filling the interspace  creates a chemical bond of materials. Assembled construction naturally gains a monolithic character.


We have combined a highly efficient, energy-saving materials with smart design to help save you your money, space and time.

Speed ​​of construction

In comparison to other construction methods is our system much faster. Raw building ( foundations, external walls, ceilings, roofs )  lasts only 6 weeks to build because of using the dry method of constructing system. Building  the turn-key houses take maximum of 12 weeks.

Water vapor permeability

The construction of the ATA BAUSYSTEM® is open to diffusion and water vapor permeable. In the building is therefore not necessary to use a heat recovery system (controlled air conditioning). From a health point of view this solution is more advantageous compared to other assembly systems. There is no occurrence of mold on the surface and the structure what so ever. The entire structure of the building (steel frame, coating and filling) remains dry, therefore there is no loss of thermal insulation abilities . Diffusion resistance factor is max. 10. Thanks to these excellent properties are homes without any mold, so this solution is also suitable for ALLERGIC PEOPLE.

A good example of water vapor permeability is insulation in old houses made of adobe bricks,  which may be due to the material  STYRCON used to breathe and release moisture into the environment.


The construction system ATABAUSYSTEM® are used materials, which, according to the certificates meet the strictest standards for the fire protection requirements in the EU.

Incombustility causes  a cement shell  which separates individual polystyrene granules from each other and it prevents the spread of flame.  The material is classified according to STN EN 730862 group A – “non-flammable”. As a result, it can be used for insulation and high-rise buildings, without the limitations of fire height.

The speed of construction

Construction is compared to conventional methods multiply faster.  Raw building  (foundations, external walls, ceilings, roofs )  lasts only 6 weeks to build because of using the dry method of constructing system. Building  the turn-key houses take maximum of 12 weeks. Also variability ATABAUSYSTEM® building system gives to the architects and planners a free hand in drawing up construction projects. As a part of all buildings ATA BAUSYSTEM® there are workshop drawings and an accurate statement of the material on the basis of which are supplied to structural elements made with millimeter precision. Thanks to the precise planning of the entire implementation is material cutted off without any waste. All materials used in construction are recyclable,  health and safety.


Thermal and  accumulation property of buildings ATA BAUSYSTEM® is exceptionally good. Thermal insulating property of the 42cm gross wall is U=0,143 W/(m2K), R=7 m2.K/W. A wall structure does not require additional insulation, besides construction of galvanized, cold bent steel is additionally composed of water vapor permeable, non-flammable insulation material STYRCON®. The building is quite without thermal bridges and achieves the highest energy classification A. The thickness of the bearing wall  is possible to increase up to – U = 0.09 W/(m2K) or R = 11 m2K/W.


Construction elements  of ATABAUSYSTEM® buildings compared to wooden buildings do not need additional care and have a high resistance to all weather conditions. The whole system is open to diffusion, there is no accumulation of moisture, so a long life is guaranteed.

Dimensional stability

Dimensional stability is secured by cement skeleton. This creates the thermal and accumulation layer, which reduces temperature fluctuations in the atmosphere. STYRCON which contains a cement, acts as a silicone not a plastic (polystyrene), easily accepts other silicate materials (cement, plaster, building adhesives …) and has a similar thermal expansion.